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    Server Updates


    Just an update for the past few days--



    • Added House Alarm for when house is broken into
    • Changed Jail escape radius to fix a bug/glitch
    • Added ability to rob gas stations (requires 1 cop online)
    • Removed admin from Y menu (was causing bans)
    • Added autosaving every 15 minutes
    • Added Drug Effects
    • Added call for backup for police (Shift B)
    • Added teargas for police
    • Added ability to "push vehicle" using interaction menu (DO NOT ABUSE THIS to troll other players!!! It is intended to help if cars get stuck on the grass in certain areas)


    Future Roadmap:

    • New modpack to remove gui issues and errors upon launching
    • New textured cars, uniforms for LVEMS / LVSP
    • Federal Reserve + Bank
    • Maverick Apps (car tuning, intro cam, talent tree, etc)
    • Placeables for LVEMS / LVSP
    • Delivery Missions
    • Gang Hideouts
    • VIP Shops
    • Drug Effect Sounds (visual effects themselves are implemented already)

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