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    Server Updates


    Well... I'd say we had a fun and very successful testing weekend. We knocked out a ton of bugs. We're aware of the various popup errors when launching the game and joining. We're also aware of the UI cutting off issues and those will be resolved this week. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the server as it is a ton of work for us. As for now, this is all that has been fixed since Friday night's beginning listed from newest to oldest.

    • Reviving should now save weapons - Will test update tomorrow
    • EMS Vests and Hat added
    • EMS Impound and Pullout Players added
    • Suicide vest can be seized as illegal item now by cops
    • Ziptied civilians can be escorted and put/pulled out of cars
    • Jeep SRT8 at Car Shop is now spawning
    • Spike strip model changed to A3L to look nicer
    • Suicide vest added and tested
    • Blocked freeway in Lakeside from being driven on - There's a bad bug with invisible objects that we weren't able to remove, going to get new roads and build it higher later on
    • Removed AR10 from basic gun shop as it is technically an illegal round
    • Lowered impound rewards - Some cars that cost a lot, yielded way too much money
    • Removed fee to pull vehicles out of garage
    • Added painkillers to EMS for 100% healing
    • Tazer fixed mostly - The animation is buggy with mods. I'm going to change the animation this week.
    • AntiVDM script enabled
    • Earplugs changed to "END" key
    • EMS/Cop Morristown Spawns Fixed
    • Added airshops to Morristown for EMS/Cop
    • Added earpiece NV for EMS
    • Added NLR timers
    • Various sounds added with triggers (car alarm, knockout, etc)
    • Fixed Cop garage spawn @ Corrections
    • Cops changed to Whitelist only (no pub slots)
    • Disable sirens / beacons (old hotkeys for traditional Altis)
    • Added Radios to shops
    • Added Jail timer option for police
    • Prison outfit is now automatically assigned after sent to jail

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