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    Server Update


    Updates (Live)--

    • Added G36 to Chief shop (needs testing)
    • New Civilian uniforms, headgear and cars added to various shops (We're still working to bring back some that were lost on mod pack update)
    • Water can now be picked up
    • Invisible radio packs now back for cops and ems
    • Removed combat movement (this was never intended to be on)

    Future Roadmap--

    • New textured cars, uniforms for LVEMS / LVSP
    • Bank robbery (being worked on now - Bank is in Lakeside)
    • Maverick Apps (car tuning, intro cam, talent tree, etc)
    • Placeables for LVEMS / LVSP
    • VIP Shops
    • Drug Effect Sounds (visual effects themselves are implemented already)
    • Driver's license (actual license you can fill info on and show to cops)

    Edited by Hoff

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