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    Server Update


    Good Evening,

    Russell got called into work which has delayed release of the new modpack. Hopefully it will be out early this week. In the mean time, here's some other updates:

    Changes (Live Now)--

    • Gang dupe exploit fixed
    • New exotic shop location and building in Lakeside
    • Added news network for broadcasting
    • Heroin processor isn't Superman and floating high above anymore
    • DP missions implemented
    • Cops will not spawn in with murderous tasers anymore
    • Traffic lights fixed - you should obey the laws now heathens
    • Nightclub fixed - get your groove on girl
    • Fed Reserve implemented and tested - get that cash son
    • Hunting area added - needs testing
    • Gang Hideout added and tested (more to come later, just 1 now in smallville)

    Future Roadmap--

    • New modpack to remove gui issues and errors upon launching (hopefully early this week)
    • New textured cars, uniforms for LVEMS / LVSP
    • Bank robbery (being worked on now - Bank is in Lakeside)
    • Maverick Apps (car tuning, intro cam, talent tree, etc)
    • Placeables for LVEMS / LVSP
    • VIP Shops
    • Drug Effect Sounds (visual effects themselves are implemented already)
    • Driver's license (actual license you can fill info on and show to cops)


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