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    Another Status Update *Testing Soon*


       Things are coming along very nicely everyone. Russell and I talked about it and we're going to aim for Saturday to least open the server up for testing, maybe even just open it up without a password. This is of course subject to change along with what I'm about to say.

       What to expect testing: Our intention to start is to grant everyone a lot of starting money for testing. This will allow people to buy and test a lot of the new cars, guns, etc. We will post the modpack links when the testing starts, on this site. With that said, we're hoping people will report bugs with the cars so we can either fix or remove them. Some of the areas of the map may be undeveloped still during testing. Also general bug reports would really be appreciated. Once we get most of the major bugs worked out and we feel like the server is considered "live", there will be a full database wipe. That means don't get attached to anything too much during these early stages as you will lose them when we wipe for full launch. Also please note we're still finishing up the rules. During testing, if we've not finished them, please assume our old rules from altis. They will be done by launch.

       The end goal: We're intending to make things a little more realistic as far as money goes. We want people to "work" to get to the super-cars and weapons. When you die it should feel like you lost something. A lot of people before on our other servers had so much money they'd simply rather die then go to jail. Getting arrested should and will be a punishment. We're going to use a new police database to determine longer jail sentences (within reason obviously) for habitual offenders. We're going to be pulling for better role play and removing those who fail-RP often. We will be CLOSELY monitoring money when we consider the server live. In fact we will be monitoring money during this trial run too in case anyone discovers a dupe / glitch. To start there will be no donor shops. That's something we may revisit later down the road. We will be using a new police database that we hope to incorporate into the game (not requiring a browser). TFAR will be required again to play on the server.

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