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  1. Hello Prometheus Gaming, I am proud to introduce the roster we will be using for the EMS. I will be looking forward to any new applications! EMS Roster Some of these ranks will be better filled in once individuals begin to apply, once the server opens up, and once we figure out who all would like to be part of the EMS. Thanks for bearing with us, and, as always, stay healthy.
  2. Hello Prometheus Gaming, As of right now, there are currently three certifications offered: FL: Flight within Lakeside OL: Flight outside of Lakeside FF: Certification to Fight Fires Each are described within the LV-EMS Handbook. Feel free to contact me, Vaal, Ender Wiggins, or any other LV-EMS Field Training Officer in order to schedule a time or training in which you may attempt to obtain these certifications. Thank you for bearing with us, and, as always, stay healthy.
  3. Hello Prometheus Gaming, If you would like to view the EMS Handbook or refresh yourself on the rules the LV-EMS abide by, you may access them here: EMS Handbook If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Vaal, the current Chief of EMS. You can find a link to my steam profile within my account. Thank you for bearing with us, and as always, stay healthy.
  4. E r r a t i c a l l y. E r o t i c a l l y